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Critical Condition – Episode 30


Greetings Everyone!  …It’s been a while, holidays, Legion, laziness…yup.  But we have a treat for you all!  Two Game Colleges!  First is on “The Others” the second is on NecronomiCards!  We hope you enjoy and are trying to get more consistent!

Show Notes

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Critical Condition – Episode 29


Greetings Everyone!  Onthis episode we talk about some things and stuff and more or less try to fightoff the plague that is Legion… I’m telling you everyone, it’s not looking goodout there, and many of hobby nights have been lost to Legion.  Oh and review London Dread, that happened!


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Critical Interview – Episode 01 – Anvil 8 Games


Greetings, everyone!  Welcome to our new standalone segment with the tentative title of Critical Interview.  On this cast we will be interviewing the leaders, developers and creators of our amazing gaming community.  First up, we decided to release our previous interview with Anvil Eight games as standalone!  Enjoy!

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