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EpicD6 Episode 14 “Plan B”

We are finally back with the latest and greatest in EpicD6! Join Ryan, Kenny, Dallas, Austin, and a special host Garret as the crew- Back from break! due to time restraints, the crew took a week long break and returned to finish what they had started! Join Ryan, Kenny, Dallas and Kevin as they talk about Gathering Storm 2 and the Rise of the Primarch!

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ED6 Episode 11.5 “On a Quick Side Note”

Join Ryan, Kenny and Kevin in another “On a Quick Side Note” episode as they discuss what they have been up too during the holidays and what they prefer for special and heavy weapon options in the game. Filled to the brim with laughs, obscene jokes and sexual tension, don’t pull out as these three take the hobby to a whole new level! WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT
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ED6 Episode 11-“Chaos Goodness”

Join Kenny, Austin, drunk Ryan and a special guest host Keegan as the crew continues to try out their new gear and discuss the new Traitor Legions Supplement and what they think about the Meta with the release of Magnus The Red. Filled with hilarious and inappropriate¬†laughs, just go with it as the crew takes it off into the goodness of Chaos. And…Diddler strikes?! Warning: Explicit Content

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ED6 Episode 10 “Tanksgiving Special and Rob Baer Interview”

epicd6Welcome to our episode 10 special! Join the crew as they celebrate their finally reached tenth episode! Jam packed with special content, the crew discusses what they are thankful for in 40k, two special guests join the crew to talk about female gaming and gaming as a couple, and last but not least we are joined for a very special interview with Rob Baer, owner of Spikey Bits Hobbies and the Long War podcaster! Strap yourselves on for a throbbing good time! Warning: Explicit content.

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EpicD6 Episode 8 “Shame Boner”


Buckle up and come on a trip with the EpicD6 crew in our episode 8! In this episode, we discuss the lore of 30k, the Primarchs and…..Primarch Harambe? Also we announce our very first GIVE AWAY! So squeeze into your banana hammock and dive on in for YOUR chance to WIN a GET STARTED BOX of your choice! Warning: Explicit Content….dont let your children or coworkers listen in to us…unless they are as disturbed as we are.

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