Dice Crimes – Status Update and Future Plans 2017

Why am I so busy

Dice Criminals – we’ve been gone for two months. Before last episode, we were getting inconsistent. We’re sorry! You all deserve an explanation. The main reason is that I, Mark, can’t juggle the five month old baby, editing, posting, a law practice that has gotten a bit more than just “busy” lately, and making sure my family gets to see me. So I have a plan: we’ll refund you every dollar you’ve given us to make up for the lost time.

Jokes aside, and to be really honest, part of my problem is finding a chunk of 2-3 hours to get an episode listened to, edited, and posted online. We skipped almost 2 months worth of releases AND we didn’t even play or record any additional episodes. The other dudes on the podcast will tell you I’ve been scarce and not able to come out to crack open a cold one with the dudes. And that’s in summer, before my kids’s church stuff, sports seasons, school activities, and other extra curricular activities tied to the school calendar began. First World Problems, I know.

I got a crazy two weeks ahead of me work wise, but then I’m hoping to take an entire day while kids are away to edit and get together a whole bunch of episodes. We’ll be releasing every two weeks after that, and between American Thanksgiving in November and a long vacation planned in December, we should be releasing more regularly through the holidays.

Keep us on your podcast feed catcher, itunes list, bookmarks, or whatever sieve you got on the internet tubes. Your ears will be the victims of some more Dice Crimes soon enough.

In the meantime, if you got some amazing ideas for horrible things I can throw at the other Crimers for our session on September 30, or responses to the suggestions I put in the show notes each episode, send them in! Hearing from the listeners is one of the highlights, and I personally respond to every message and make sure all the guys see each message.


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