Kessel Run Episode LX

In this episode, join Chumbalaya, Cowboy Kenny, and the Commish Nam-My as we dive into the latest Starviper previews and we discuss the ramifications of the FAQ leak. Then we talk a little GenCon.
*Editor’s Note*
Kenny goes on a bit of a rant; not like other hosts of other shows, but we do hope you give it a listen all the way to the end. Please contact the Kessel Run on their Facebook page or at to let us know your opinion. Thank you.

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ED6 Episode 20 “A New Chapter”

Our 20th episode! Join the crew of the EpicD6 podcast as they celebrate making it this far! In this episode, the guys reintroduce themselves with how they got into the hobby, followed by a first look at 8th edition discussion. Put your panties on and prepare yourself for a wildly good time! WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT

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Dice Crimes Gamma World – E5 – The Red Button

Dice Crimes Gamma World - E5 - The Red Button

This is it! Gamma World conclusion, and the Dice Criminals have the Porker HQ in view. Will Doug get squished trying to sabotage the hogs? Will the red button make this adventure any easier for them? What could possibly fill up an entire building occupied by sentient pork?

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Kessel Run Episode LVII

*Edited for Quality, not Content*
This episode finds Chumbalaya, Cowboy Kenny, Wookie-man Farley, and (I guess) “Hi Chris” Nam-My sitting down eating dinner after the Y2Komics Store Champs. Kenny ran it, Farley and Chumby played in it, and *spoiler* Nam-My won it. Its a real fun episode with us doing what we do best just talking and having fun! X-wing is fun game, right?

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Critical Condition – Episode 36

As always, greetings!  So, we’ve been quiet as of late; mainly due to scheduling conflict but we are trying to remedy that.  In the mean time we will be doing some less structured podcasts in an attempt to keep the content flowing!  After all, the Spice…err Content must flow!  Enjoy!

Show Notes

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