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Dice Crimes – Deathwatch – E1 – Brother, Where Art Thou Shooting?

Dice Crimes - Death Watch - E1 - Brother, Where Art Thou Shooting?

Let me tell you something, Brother! Dice Crimes is back, and bringing the light of the Holy Emperor of Mankind to the dark reaches of the Imperium. Izzy runs the group of Lee, Will, and Alex as Deathwatch Space Marines on a mission. But, Brother, you’ve never seen marines like these… Listen, Brother!

If you want to heap praise and accolades upon us, save your breath. If you want to tell us about the time you carried an entire conversation sounding like Hulk Hogan, contact us at the info below:

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Dice Crimes – Status Update and Future Plans 2017

Why am I so busy

Dice Criminals – we’ve been gone for two months. Before last episode, we were getting inconsistent. We’re sorry! You all deserve an explanation. The main reason is that I, Mark, can’t juggle the five month old baby, editing, posting, a law practice that has gotten a bit more than just “busy” lately, and making sure my family gets to see me. So I have a plan: we’ll refund you every dollar you’ve given us to make up for the lost time.

Jokes aside, and to be really honest, part of my problem is finding a chunk of 2-3 hours to get an episode listened to, edited, and posted online. We skipped almost 2 months worth of releases AND we didn’t even play or record any additional episodes...

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