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Kessel Run Episode LXI

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This episode certainly is a doozy. Join Chumbalaya, Kenny, Wookie-man, and Nam-my as we tag along with Jeremy and guest A-Aron on their adventures to Gencon. Then we are invaded by Chris “Day One” Allen and Travis “The Johnson” Johnson for some reason… Sit back and enjoy. And go donate!


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Kessel Run Episode LX

In this episode, join Chumbalaya, Cowboy Kenny, and the Commish Nam-My as we dive into the latest Starviper previews and we discuss the ramifications of the FAQ leak. Then we talk a little GenCon.
*Editor’s Note*
Kenny goes on a bit of a rant; not like other hosts of other shows, but we do hope you give it a listen all the way to the end. Please contact the Kessel Run on their Facebook page or at theheroic28s@gmail.com to let us know your opinion. Thank you.

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Dice Crimes Gamma World – E5 – The Red Button

Dice Crimes Gamma World - E5 - The Red Button

This is it! Gamma World conclusion, and the Dice Criminals have the Porker HQ in view. Will Doug get squished trying to sabotage the hogs? Will the red button make this adventure any easier for them? What could possibly fill up an entire building occupied by sentient pork?

If you want to heap praise and accolades upon us, save your breath. If you want to tell us your horrible swine and pig jokes, let us know by contacting us at:

Facebook : Twitter : Email dicecrimes@gmail.com

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Kessel Run Episode LVII

*Edited for Quality, not Content*
This episode finds Chumbalaya, Cowboy Kenny, Wookie-man Farley, and (I guess) “Hi Chris” Nam-My sitting down eating dinner after the Y2Komics Store Champs. Kenny ran it, Farley and Chumby played in it, and *spoiler* Nam-My won it. Its a real fun episode with us doing what we do best just talking and having fun! X-wing is fun game, right?

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Episode 127 “We Recorded a Show”




Holy crap, we recorded an episode. Now don’t everybody get their hopes up; we’re not back yet. But with all the juicy rumors and spoilers released by GW of all people, about 8th edition, how can we remain silent? Join Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck, Ryan, and Shaun as we talk about the 8th edition spoilers and what it means for the betterment (or not) of the game.

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Kessel Run Episode LIII

In this episode, we celebrate the greatest of all X-wing Holidays: Errata Day! Chumby, Kenny, and the Wookie are joined by our saltiest of guests, Sable Gryphon; better known as Sable Gryphon. Its all about the errata that was just released. Then the guys jump onto Wave 10 and start with the Quadjumper!

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