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Dice Crimes – Deathwatch – E1 – Brother, Where Art Thou Shooting?

Dice Crimes - Death Watch - E1 - Brother, Where Art Thou Shooting?

Let me tell you something, Brother! Dice Crimes is back, and bringing the light of the Holy Emperor of Mankind to the dark reaches of the Imperium. Izzy runs the group of Lee, Will, and Alex as Deathwatch Space Marines on a mission. But, Brother, you’ve never seen marines like these… Listen, Brother!

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Episode 127 “We Recorded a Show”




Holy crap, we recorded an episode. Now don’t everybody get their hopes up; we’re not back yet. But with all the juicy rumors and spoilers released by GW of all people, about 8th edition, how can we remain silent? Join Cowboy Kenny, Uncle Buck, Ryan, and Shaun as we talk about the 8th edition spoilers and what it means for the betterment (or not) of the game.

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