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The Kessel Run Episode LII

OMG OMG! Can you believe it! Sit back and relax as our new Emperor Palpalaya, Cowboy Kenny, and Wookie-man Farley go on a journey of games won and lost. We also have a guest, Daniel Casslassey. Say it with me, “CASS- LASSEY”
Anyways a lot of tournament talk here. Yeah, 3 hours of it!

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Dice Crimes Season 3 Episode 13 – Swearing and Shouting


WARNING: Our RSS feed is changing December 1st. If you use something other than iTunes or Google Play, make sure to update the RSS feed December 1st to ensure you don’t miss an episode!

I thought the title of the episode explains it all, but I was told to put something here. So enjoy the listen and a little more behind the scenes of podcasting than normal makes it into the show, mostly because its funny.

If you want to heap praise and accolades upon us, save your breath. If you want to tell us about your amazing white board art skills, let us know at the links below:

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Dice Crimes and Friends – Convention Announcements!


We have some special announcements for you! First, go see Dice Crimes record a LIVE podcast at A-Kon convention at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, on June 5th, at 8:30AM in the Metropolitan room. We’ll have audience participation and prizes, where people get to help or hinder the runners in their special mission. The website for the convention is HERE!

Also, in this mini-announcement-cast, we’ll have some of our friends from other Shadowrun podcasts and authors announce their plans for a panel at GenCon! Listen to hear the details and the beginning of their planning.

The Dice Crimes crew love watching Bobby from Complex Action...

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