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Kessel Run Episode LVII

*Edited for Quality, not Content*
This episode finds Chumbalaya, Cowboy Kenny, Wookie-man Farley, and (I guess) “Hi Chris” Nam-My sitting down eating dinner after the Y2Komics Store Champs. Kenny ran it, Farley and Chumby played in it, and *spoiler* Nam-My won it. Its a real fun episode with us doing what we do best just talking and having fun! X-wing is fun game, right?

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The Kessel Run Episode XLIV


In this episode, Chumbalaya, Cowboy Kenny, and Wookie-man Farley have been gone just long enough to catch up everyone on the latest news. Starting with #wavemine previews, and then the latest #wavewhen teaser released at GenCon. Enjoy!

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