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Kessel Run Episode LIII

In this episode, we celebrate the greatest of all X-wing Holidays: Errata Day! Chumby, Kenny, and the Wookie are joined by our saltiest of guests, Sable Gryphon; better known as Sable Gryphon. Its all about the errata that was just released. Then the guys jump onto Wave 10 and start with the Quadjumper!

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The Kessel Run Episode LII

OMG OMG! Can you believe it! Sit back and relax as our new Emperor Palpalaya, Cowboy Kenny, and Wookie-man Farley go on a journey of games won and lost. We also have a guest, Daniel Casslassey. Say it with me, “CASS- LASSEY”
Anyways a lot of tournament talk here. Yeah, 3 hours of it!

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Kessel Run Episode LI

The Kessel Run welcomes in the new year by saying, “Good Riddance” to the old one. Chumblaya, Kenny, and the Wookie talk about the passing of the amazing, awesome Carrie Fisher and we do a HUGE review of Rogue One–>Spoiler Alert Duh! Then we close it out by talking about the addition of the TIE Striker and U-wing into the current tournament meta.

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The Kessel Run Episode XLIV


In this episode, Chumbalaya, Cowboy Kenny, and Wookie-man Farley have been gone just long enough to catch up everyone on the latest news. Starting with #wavemine previews, and then the latest #wavewhen teaser released at GenCon. Enjoy!

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